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What We Do With Your Data

Reservation Information

In the reservation process, we collect your name, email address, and mobile phone number. We use your email address to contact you with performance-related news before your scheduled time. We may use your mobile phone number to send you texts or phone calls before or during the performance to enhance your experience or provide you with technical support or help if you get lost.

Your name and contact information will only be used for purposes of this production. It will not be shared with or sold to any third party. It will not be used for other promotional purposes.

You will be added to the Zuppa Theatre mailing list only if you specifically selected to be added during the reservation process.

While some aspects of your experience, such as your position and the feedback you give through the app, may be shared as part of the performance, none of your identifying data will be part of this. All publicly shared data will be completely anonymized.

As this is a free production, we do not ask for, collect, or store payment or credit card or any other kind of financial information in our system.

App Usage Information

The app periodically sends information back to the server to track usage. To aid in technical support, the basic type of your mobile device (iOS / Android) and OS level is linked to your reservation code.

The app does not use any third party tracking software. None of the tracking data is sent to any other organization or company.

The app uses your device's GPS location to help you in your scavenger hunt. While you are looking for a location, your position is periodically sent back to our servers to help us manage traffic at locations and ensure that you aren't getting lost.

Note that GPS location is only logged on our servers while you are looking for a location with the app and only if you are within 1.5km of your destination.

The app will only send GPS information while it is open.

Your specific location information is used only for internal use during the performance. It may be shown, anonymized, on a map, along with the locations of other participants, also all anonymized, as part of the performance.

If you use the app's built-in help feature, your current position will be sent along with your message so we can help you more effectively.


You will have the option to provide feedback and sharing your thoughts as part of the performance. This feedback information may be shared at certain points during and after the performance. Any public display of this feedback will be anonymized.

After the Performance

Your position history may be used by Zuppa Theatre in aggregate to analyse traffic flow and to fine-tune the clues for following performances.

Your feedback and thoughts may be used in subsequent performances. It will of course be anonymized.

After the performance, all tracking data may be deleted on your request.

Contact Us

Please contact us at if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns.