This is Nowhere

Reserve your place for This Is Nowhere

This Is Nowhere is a solitary, app-guided quest through downtown Halifax involving encounters in secret locations, culminating in a group gathering. It is free of charge, but you must make a reservation to get an access code for the app. You will receive instructions about downloading the app at a later date.

This is Nowhere will take a little under 4 hours, and you are welcome to take breaks whenever and wherever you want.

This is Nowhere is best experienced as a solo journey. However, we welcome people with disabilities, people travelling with children, and others who wish/need to travel together. If, for any reason, you plan to travel with company, please email us and we will make arrangements.

Note: An Android or iOS smartphone or portable tablet with GPS is required to experience this show.

Why are we asking for this? We may need to contact you through email and text message in preparation for and during the performance.


This Is Nowhere can accommodate those with limited mobility, hearing, and eyesight. This ranges from special app features to a limited number of wheelchairs, scooters, and sign-language interpreters.

You will be prompted to specify your accommodation requirements after making your reservations.

Privacy and Data Policy

While GPS tracking is a key element of the show, we are very concerned about data privacy. Please review our data and privacy policy if you have any questions or concerns.